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LIVESTREAM RECAP - July 31, 2019 (Halzir) (Conquest)

** SteelSpine’s LIVESTREAM RECAP for JULY 31, 2019 **



Matt (Game Designer) and Haig (Live Ops Manager) were our hosts for this week’s LiveStream.  Dom was not on the Stream - the Devs said he was “a very busy boy”.



This week is a CONQUEST Event.  It will begin on FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 (around 3:00 BST) and run until MONDAY, AUGUST 5.

(IMPORTANT NOTE regarding Conquest Events:  If you are in the middle of an attack when the timer expires at the end of the Event, the points you acquire from that attack *WILL NOT COUNT* towards your total.  This happened to me on a Bonus Level during the Odin Conquest Event, and I lost out on an Echo of War.  It has happened to friends of mine at the end of their final attack for Level 10, causing them to miss out on the L10 Rewards.  Support will only offer you a few Gems if this happens, so PLEASE finish your attacks a few minutes before the Event ends!)

Titan Details:

This week’s Event features the return of MALKOR and HALZIR.  

MALKOR’s Skills remain the same - there have been no changes.  He is available at Level 8 of the Conquest Event.  HALZIR, the Fire (Unak) Barbarian, has been given new guaranteed (fixed) Skills.

Slot 1:  +44% Grenadiers Critical (Tier III Skill)
Slot 2:  Grenadiers Offensive X (either +180% Damage OR +88% Armor Piercing)
Slot 3:  Imperials Defensive X (either +117% Health OR +88% Armor)
Slot 4:  Grenadiers Offensive X (whichever is not in Slot 2)
Slot 5:  Imperials Defensive X (whichever is not in Slot 3)

HALZIR is available at Level 10 of the Conquest Event.

New Relics available in this Event:  

+ Titan Fire Damage
+ Grenadiers Damage
+ Critical for All Troops

(NOTE:  The Devs did not show the stat numbers for this new Relic).

Top Rewards available in this Event include:

Corrupted Land Level 6:  
Level 7:  10 Warp Stones, 700 Gems, Warp Token, 4* Banner of Flame
Level 8:  10 Warp Stones, Epic Token, Warp Token, MALKOR (4* Berserker Titan)
Level 9:  10 Warp Stones, 150 Divine Gems, 1,800 Gems, 4* Spartan Helm, 4* Doomfire
Level 10: 10 Warp Stones, 250 Divine Gems, 4* Molten Core, 4* Scorched Vial, HALZIR

(See for MALKOR’s Skills and full details on the above Relics).

Since this is Conquest, there are no Titans that offer Bonus Souls.

As always during Conquest, there will be 3 guaranteed Battle Drops after every successful attack.

It is an INDIVIDUAL LEADERBOARD EVENT (also known as a Solo War Event); prizes will be awarded to Players according to their Individual Ranking at the end of the Event.

Top Ranking Rewards in this Event:

1st Place:  Level 50 Halzir
2nd Place:  L40
3rd Place:  L30
Top 4-5:  L25
Top 6-10:  L20
11-50:  L15
51-100:  L10
101-250:  L5
251-500:  L1 Halzir
501-1000:  4* Flaming Rune
1001-2000:  4k Gems

Other Ranking Rewards (Gems) are available below 2000th Place.



Question (Q) from a Player:  Ra’s Horde Void and Fire Resist aren’t working properly.
Answer (A) from a Developer:  We pushed out a fix for that yesterday - Ra should be working fine now.

Q:  Can we have an extra Armory?
A:  We’re looking into it, but nothing to announce right now.

Q:  Please fix Paladin pathing, so they don’t walk in circles.
A:  We’re working on it, but it’s pretty tricky.  It’s on the list, though.

Q:  Bring back Drakor (old 4* Titan).
A:  Yes, we’re planning to.

Q:  When is the “use all old Event Relics” Event?!
A:  “In a few weeks.  2-3 weeks”.  “We’ll definitely tell you when it will happen during next week’s Stream”.

Q:  Do you have an answer for Vintage’s question last week regarding Divine Gem Altar drop rates?
A:  Yes.  The 8k DG Altar has about a 40% chance of giving one of the four “Exclusive Titans” (Oni, Huntress, Belobog and Chernobog).  The 500 DG Altar has a 15% chance of giving a 5* Relic.

Q:  Can we get a new Calvarax with four Skeleton Skills and a Summoning ability?
A:  That’s a very good idea.  We may use him for Halloween - we love Calvarax.

Q:  Will the Elemental Grasp come back?
 It will, but only occasionally - it’s a special Relic, so we don’t want to bring it out often.

Q:  When will you remove Troop Damage vs Titans Skills?
A:  In our next release (Version 1.34) we’ll remove that, Troop Resist vs Titans and a few other really bad Skills.

Q:  When will you fix Imperial Armor?
A:  We fixed it a long time ago, we thought - it should have been fixed in v1.32.  Please take a look and let us know if it’s still not displaying properly.  We’ll look into it, too.

Q:  Can we get a really good Imperial buffing Ice Guardian?
A:  We do have plans for one, yes.

Q:  How about an improved Avalos or Crothos?
A:  They could probably be better, yeah.  Good idea.

Q:  How about some replayable campaign levels?
A:  This gets brought up a lot.  We are tossing around a few ideas right now - maybe weekly campaigns, or replayable levels or something..

Q:  New versions of Labrys with different Elemental Resists would be nice.
A:  We’re looking into new Relics similar to that, yeah.

Q:  Troop and Spell inventories need to be increased.
A:  We’re considering making changes to both.

Q:  How about refreshing Neutral Lands for gold instead of food?  PLAYERS NEED A GOLDSINK.  (NOTE:  I agree 100%!  We need something to use our Gold on at Castle 25).
A:  That’s a good idea, yeah.  We’ll look into it.

Q:  How does Armor effect Melee and Charge Damage?
A:  The same way it effects all Damage.  Charge Damage is basically a critical hit - Melee Damage is just all hand-to-hand combat.



The first thing discussed on this week’s LiveStream was the “Design a Titan” Competition.  The Devs announced the rules for the contest, which begins today.  Similar to the “Design a Relic” contest from a few months back, this new contest will allow players to submit ideas for a new Titan.  The competition will be split into two parts:  Stage One will be “Artistic Design”, and Stage Two will be “Gameplay Design”.  You can participate Stage One beginning today (31 July) by going to the entry form on Facebook and submitting your ideas.

RULES:  The entry must be your own original work, and must fit thematically into the Dawn of Titans universe.  You may draw the Titan, it’s weaponry and it’s class.  Entries must be saved as a .jpg or .png file.  Avoid animal heads or other non-humanoid shapes, and images must not include religious symbols.  Entries may be slightly edited by the dev team.  Other info is posted on the official DoT blog page.

Winners will have their work included in the game, and will also receive 60k Gems and a signed poster.  Runners up will receive a free Titan and 30k Gems.  NOTE:  The Devs said this will be a long contest - the Titan itself probably won’t make it into the game until January.

After the “Design a Titan” discussion, the Devs talked a bit about hackers and cheaters.  They said the new countermeasures against hacking have been implemented, and they have “seen them working”.  They said there were “really good results” during the Ra Event, and said “hopefully you will notice that there were no issues with the final leaderboard, and we identified hackers super early”.  They said instead of taking 8-24 hours to respond and properly ban people, the turnover was happening “within hours..  within an hour”.  (NOTE:  For those who are curious, there were no new apologies for the hacking or for the lack of communication.  There was also no mention of last week’s boycott - despite participation in the Ra event obviously being much lower than normal).



MONDAY, AUGUST 5:  There will probably be a “Kingdom Rush” Event (discount on refreshing your Neutral Lands).

TUESDAY, AUGUST 6:  There will be a THEATERS OF WAR Event.  The Devs said Huntress, Oni and Lubu will be the Titans we’ll be fighting in the different Tiers.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 8:  Another Leaderboard Event will begin.  The Devs said it will be “themed around (the 4* Ragnar Champion Titan) Koldan”, but they wouldn’t give any more details.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 13:  There will be another “mini Individual Leaderboard Event” built around Relics, similar to the last few midweek Events.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 15:  The Devs said “a pretty big Event is happening”.  They wouldn’t give details, but they said “look at the August Calendar” on Twitter and Facebook.  (NOTE from SteelSpine:  Looks like this Event might be the debut of whatever new Titan the Devs have lined up.  If it’s an Egyptian God, it *may be* Sobek (or Sebek), who is the crocodile-headed God of Strength, Power and Military Prowess.  Could possibly foreshadow a Rage Spell boosting Titan, BUT THAT IS JUST SPECULATION by me).



YouTube:  Steven Adam

Facebook:  Art Johnson

(Note from SteelSpine:  I am sorry for any misspellings above.  Please contact the Devs on DoT’s Facebook page to claim your prize.  Congratulations!!)


As of right now (August 2019), the easiest way to contact me is by finding me in the game.  You can reach me in-game under the name SteelSpine (I am the Level 40 one, as of August 2019).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or suggestions!

YOU CAN FIND FUTURE (and PAST) EDITIONS OF MY RECAPS ON MY BLOG at Feel free to copy the Recaps directly from my blog and share them to whoever you think would like to read them - but please remember to give credit.

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LIVESTREAM RECAP - July 24, 2019 (Ra)

** SteelSpine’s LIVESTREAM RECAP for JULY 24, 2019 **



Matt (Game Designer), Haig (Live Ops Manager) and Dom (Game Artist) were our hosts for this week’s LiveStream. 



This week’s Event will be called THE FALCON.  It will begin on THURSDAY, JULY 25 (around 3:00 pm BST) and run until MONDAY, JULY 29.

Titan Details:

This week’s Event features RA, the Fire Guardian.  In addition to boosting the effectiveness of Meteor Strike Spells, RA is the first Titan to feature two Defensive X Skills for Horde Troops.

Slot 1:  +44% Grenadier Critical, +28% Horde Void & Fire Resist, +3 Meteor Spells
Slot 2:  +234% Horde Health (Horde Defensive X Skill)
Slot 3:  +88% Grenadier Armor Piercing, +10 Meteors In Each Meteor Strike Spell
Slot 4:  +176% Horde Armor (Horde Defensive X Skill)
Slot 5:  +180% Grenadier Damage, -40% Smaller Radius for Meteor Strike Spells

The -40% Radius in Slot 5 means that your Meteors will drop in a smaller area, increasing the chance that they’ll hit something.

RA will be available for 18k Souls.

New Relics available in this Event:  

4* Coiled Serpent
+ Grenadier Damage
+ Horde Health
+ Horde All Elemental Resist

4* Sun Disc
+ Titan Fire Damage
+ Grenadier Armor Piercing
+ Horde Armor

4* Staff of Flames
+2 Meteor Strike Spells
+2 Fireball Spells
+ Fireball and Meteor Strike Spell Damage

4* Void Ring
+ Titan Resist Against Void
+ Militia Resist Against Void
+ Spearmen Resist Against Void

(NOTE:  The Devs did not show the stat numbers for any of the new Relics this week.  Sorry, all!)

Top Rewards available in this Event will include:

4* Flame Volley at 7k Souls
Epic Token at 8k
100 Divine Gems at 10k
4* Titan XP Relic at 11k
ISHKAR (Titan) at 12k
4* Orb of War at 13k
4* Void Ring at 15k
350 Divine Gems at 16k
4* Staff of Flames at 17k
RA (Titan) at 18k
4* Sun Disc at 19k
4* Coiled Serpent at 21k

(See for full details on the above Relics).

1.4x Soul Bonus for using NEYKAR.
1.3x Soul Bonus for using ANUBIS or MAYKU.
1.2x Soul Bonus for using 4* Guardians.
1.1x Soul Bonus for using 3* Guardians.

It will be an ALLIANCE LEADERBOARD EVENT (also known as an Alliance War Event); prizes will be awarded to all Players in an Alliance according to their Alliance Ranking at the end of the Event.

Top Ranking Rewards in this Event:

1st Place:  Level 40 Ra
2nd Place:  L30 Ra
3rd Place:  L20 Ra
Top 4-5:  L15 Ra
Top 6-10:  L10 Ra
11-50:  L5 Ra
51-100:  L5 Ishkar
101-250:  4k Gems

Other Ranking Rewards (Gems) will be available below 250th Place.



Question (Q) from a Player:  What’s up with the Relic Storage issue, which won’t allow us to attack when we have our inventories full?
Answer (A) from a Developer:  That was a bug.  It should be fixed now.

Q:  Why remove the 500+ slot Treasure Room for 100 Relic Slots?
A:  This answer was very confusing - at first.  They initially didn’t actually say whether or not they were removing the Treasury altogether, or if they were just lowering the size of it.  They just said the Treasury wasn’t “infinite”, and it would slow down lower end devices when packed with lots of relics.  They also said they are planning to increase Relic Storage a little bit more in upcoming updates.  (NOTE:  Later on in the Stream they said there are NO changes to Relic Storage, other than the extra 100 slots being available.  They also reiterated that the Treasure Room is still there, and is not changed).

Q:  Are there “tester accounts” that play Events with unlimited Gems?
A:  No.  We have very strict rules for our testers.

Q:  When will Damage Vs Titans be fixed or removed?
A:  Sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Q:  Is the +40% Horde Health change live?
A:  Yes, along with other v1.33 changes.

Q:  When is the next Event where we can use all of our old Event Relics?
A:  Should be coming soon - we just need to decide which Event to do it in.

Q:  We need a Relic Forging Event.
A:  Maybe.  We’ve been looking into stuff like that.

Q:  When will Anubis come back?
A:  Not any time soon, but we do have a plan for him.

Q:  Can we get a Relic with Goliath Resist vs All Elements?
A:  Matt:  “I thought there already was one”.  Haig:  “Maybe there’s one in an upcoming Event.  Maybe”.

Q:  Did Spearmen get a health boost in v1.33?  It looks that way.
A:  No.  There was an issue where their Health was not being displayed correctly.  We fixed that issue, so it looks like they have more health but they really have the same as they had before.  No change to battle or anything, we just fixed the displayed number.

Q:  Persian mythology Titans coming at some point?
A:  We can’t say anything for now, but we like it.

Q:  Can we get more of a heads up about Boost Titans for upcoming Events?
A:  Maybe.  We can try.  It will probably be in the LiveStream, though.

Q:  Are there new Horde Relics?
A:  We have new ones coming soon.

Q:  What are the new drop rates for the 5000 and 500 Divine Gem Altars?
A:  Matt:  The new 5* Relics have a slightly higher drop rate than the old ones in the 5k Altar.  In the 500 DG Altar, I’m not sure - but I think it’s around 25-30%.  We’ll look it up and give you the actual numbers next week.

Q:  More Troop Storage (larger Army Camp) coming?
A:  We’re looking into increasing it.

Q:  You need to listen to your players more.
A:  We try to.  We read everything that’s written when we send out player surveys, so make sure you fill those out.  We also have Streams every week.  You can always send us messages and comments, too.

Q:  Can we get an option to see our Omega Troops’ Stats in-game?
A:  That’s a good idea.

Q:  Can you get rid of the Resist vs Titans Skill?
A:  The main issue is the Damage Vs Titans Skill right now - but we know that needs to be fixed, too.

Q:  Any more Greek Gods coming out?
A:  (in a cheeky way):  Maybe!  Nothing to announce right now, though.



Version 1.33 has been released to all players.  You’ll need to update to participate in this week’s Event.

The changes to the Divine Gems Altars are now LIVE, along with some of the other changes - including increased Relic Storage spaces (available for purchase).  (NOTE:  There was a bug that said the 8k Divine Gems Altar had 2*-4* Titans.  That was incorrect - It only has 4* Titans).

The Devs brought up the cheating and hacking during last week’s Kronos Event.  They said “everyone that was effected during the Event has been compensated”.  They also said all the hackers have been banned, and there are new anti-cheating measures that have been pushed to the Servers.  (NOTE:  Events R Us spent extra Gems at the end of the Event to place just above the hacking alliance, in case nothing was done about it - and received no compensation.  They could have done nothing and received an extra Kronos.  In my opinion, ALL PLAYERS should have been compensated for this nonsense - INCLUDING the top two teams, Beta and ERU).

The Devs apologized for their mistake regarding the Titan Fusion Event.  They said they had the dates wrong - it will take place THIS MONDAY instead.  They also reminded us that “all footage shown is subject to change” and “also, what we say is sometimes subject to change”.

This isn’t from the LiveStream, but I wanted to make Players aware of it anyway since many of you don’t have a Line or Discord account and depend on the Recap for news.  There is a boycott planned for this Event to protest the latest instances of cheating/hacking, the lack of communication from the Devs about Monday’s “missing” Fusion Event, and other issues that have been simmering for a while.  I consider it my job to inform, not to influence, so I’m not going to tell anybody what to do - just making people aware of why “boycott” was discussed during the Stream and why it was the main subject in the LiveStream Chat.



MONDAY, July 29:  There WILL be a Guardian themed “TITANS UNLEASHED” Event (also known as a TITAN FUSION Event). 

TUESDAY, July 30:  There will be a Relic Festival (Temple Event).

FRIDAY, August 2:  There will be a CONQUEST Event.

(NOTE:  The Devs also said we should see a Theaters of War sometime around August 6th).



YouTube:  Valhalla Rise

Facebook:  Juliano Cesar

Contact the Devs on DoT’s Facebook page to claim your prize.  Congrats!


Last week I mistakenly reported that the Reward for gaining 15k Souls in the Kronos Event was 150 Divine Gems.  It was 450 DGs, not 150.  A BIG thank you to MedicWeed(H)4CE for finding the error and letting me know quickly - I changed the version on the blog as soon as I was notified.  Sorry for the mess-up, all!

As of right now (July 2019), the easiest way to contact me is by finding me in the game.  You can reach me in-game under the name SteelSpine (I am the Level 40 one, as of July 2019).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or suggestions!

YOU CAN FIND FUTURE (and PAST) EDITIONS OF MY RECAPS ON MY BLOG at   Feel free to copy the Recaps and share them to whoever you think would like to read them - but please remember to give credit.

If you are bored, check out the DoT subreddit at .  The community is small, but growing - and Reddit is a great place for us to hold longer on-topic conversations than we can on Line or Discord.  If you need more incentive:  The Recap is copied and reposted there each week (courtesy of IAMREALITY).

As always - Thanks for reading!  :-)



RECAP - September 28, 2020 (Zabava)

  ** SteelSpine’s RECAP for SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 ** XXXXX XXXXX Hey, all!    I’m sorry for my long absence...