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LIVESTREAM RECAP - January 30, 2020 (Siv) (Conquest)

** SteelSpine’s LIVESTREAM RECAP for JANUARY 29, 2020 **



SORRY FOR THE DELAY this week, everybody!  I had two family issues to deal with beginning last Saturday, so I wasn’t able to devote any time to watching the Stream or typing up the Recap on Wednesday.  Things are (kind of) back to (sort of) normal now, so next week’s Recap should be on time.

Haig (Live Ops Manager) and Dom (Game Artist) were our hosts for this week’s LiveStream.



This week’s Event is called MARK OF THE WOLF.  It will begin on FRIDAY, JANUARY 31 and run until MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3.  It is a CONQUEST Event.

This week’s Event features the debut of SIV, the Lightning Ranger.  SIV grants a (relatively minor, compared to other Spell Boosting Titans) boost to Lightning and Lightning Storm Spell Damage, and grants three free Lightning Storm Spells per battle.  She also has a variety of Tier III, X Tier and Melee/Ranged Resist Skills, each of which boost the effectiveness of either Maidens or Imperials.

Slot 1:  +40% Titan Damage, Storm Maiden Damage, All Lightning Spells Damage.  +3 Lightning Storm Spells
Slot 2:  +180% Storm Maiden Damage, +22% Storm Maiden Critical
Slot 3:  +58% Imperial Health, +44% Imperial Armor
Slot 4:  +88% Storm Maiden Armor Piercing, +40% Storm Maiden Ranged Resist
Slot 5:  +117% Imperial Health, +40% Imperial Melee Resist

New Relics in this Event:  

+50% Titan & Troop Lightning Damage
+18% Imperials Resist Against Ranged
+40% Storm Maiden Resist Against Void

(NOTE:  Haig said the 4* Siv’s Wolf Hood “may be improved” before the Event begins on Friday).

+ Titan Armor Piercing
+ Storm Maiden Damage
+ Storm Maiden Ranged Resist

(NOTE:  The 4* Storm Charms Relic is NOT new, but before this week it had only been in an early week Individual Relic Leaderboard Events on 11/11 of 2019).

Top Rewards in this Event include:

Corrupted Land Level 7:  4* Steadfast Stand
Level 8:  4* Storm Ring, Thorhild (4* Lightning Berserker Titan)
Level 9:  125 Divine Gems, Epic Token, 4* SIV’S WOLF HOOD
Level 10:  4* Storm Potion, 4* STORM CHARMS, SIV

(NOTE:  The Devs did not show all of the Rewards on screen this week).

(See for full details on the above Relics).

It is an INDIVIDUAL LEADERBOARD EVENT.  The Devs did NOT show the Ranking Rewards on screen, but they did say that the Top 501-1000 Individual Players will receive a Thorhild Titan; Top 1-500 will receive a Siv, with Rank 1 receiving a L50 Siv.



Question (Q) from a Player:  Will the 4* Wild Arrows Relic come back any time soon?
Answer (A) from a Developer:  We’ve been talking “behind the scenes” about bringing it back in an Event soon.  No date set yet, but it will return.

Q:  Is a Void Minotaur in the works?
A:  Haig:  “Maybe”.  Dom:  “Why would we not, though?”.

Q:  Any updates on new Troops in 2020?
A:  Dom:  “Not in this stream”.  Haig:  “Not in this stream.  Um.  No, not yet - but who’s to say there’s not?  I’m not ruling out new Troops in 2020, that’s for sure”.

Q:  What’s up with this “Profile Sync Violation” issue?
A:  It will be fixed in the next version (v1.37).

Q:  How is Baba Yaga coming along?
A:  She’s pretty much done.  We’re play testing her new Skills in the office, and hoping to have her in the next release (Version 1.37).  Her event will hopefully be sometime in February, but we’re trying to do something interesting and new with her so it may take an extra few weeks to get it right before we have her in an Event.

Q:  More space for Relics, please!
A:  We need to do a little bit of work in order to increase it a little bit more soon.  I can’t promise anything yet, but we are looking into it.

Q:  Can you fix Melee Troops not attacking the same target that the Titan is attacking?
A:  (Note from SteelSpine:  Haig launched into an explanation about how troops select their target.  I’m pretty sure this question was regarding the fact that Titans kind of get in the way and prevent Troops from attacking whatever enemy the Titan is attacking, though.  I really hope the Devs look into this at some point.  It sucks having to move your Titan out of the way at the end of almost every battle).  (ALSO:  This was asked again in a different way later on in the Stream.  Haig said there are a maximum number of individual Troops that can attack an enemy, so that is probably what’s happening with Battalion type Units).

Q:  Please fix Lubu.
A:  Haig:  “Is it Lubu’s Armor?  We discussed that last week.  I think a fix will be coming for that.  We just need to push that”.

Q:  5* Axes of War are broken.  Are you guys going to fix this?
A:  Dom:  “What’s wrong with Axes of War?”.  Haig:  “Troop Damage not working..  uhhh..  yeah, I’ll write that down”.  (Note:  NICE JOB whoever got this question in this week!  Nice to see the Devs finally getting word about this issue).

Q:  When is Zeus coming back?
A:  Sometime in March.  (Note:  Dom was joking when he said March 2, March 8, April 2, etc.  Haig said it WILL be sometime in March, though).

Q:  Can you change the 5* Dragonslayer Relic?
A:  Haig:  “I think Dragonslayer is still pretty good.  You’ll have to be more specific about what you don’t like”.  (Note from SteelSpine:  HAHAHAHAHAH *buries head in hands*).
Q (same topic, later in the Stream):  Dragonslayer buffs Guardian Titans.  But Guardians are meant to buff Troops, so the Relic is counterproductive.
A:  Haig:  “I mean, I’ll take a look at it and see if it doesn’t really make sense”.  (Note:  This has been brought up before - but nothing ever comes of it.  Hopefully this time will be different, since it was explained a bit better to the Devs).

Q:  PLEASE REMOVE 3* Relics from the Divine Gems Altar.
A:  Dom:  “I’m sure Haig can take a look at it for you when he’s done with his battle”.  (Note:  Haig didn’t address this after his battle).

Q:  All Elements need new Troops.  Like, Fire needs Melee Troops and Poison needs Ranged.
A:  Dom:  “Interesting.  I’m not against it.  You know, never say never”.

Q:  Why did you stop the Assault Events?
A:  It will come back.  We did a survey, made some changes, worked on balancing and rewards.  Don’t worry, it will be back - along with another new Event type.

Q:  Can you make Healing Spells?
A:  Haig:  “no comment”.  (Note:  This was addressed a long time ago - at that time, the Devs said it would be hard to implement because of the way Troop Battalions are set up).



Haig briefly mentioned again that there are some new 5* Relics coming in Version 1.37.  He said they have “pretty weird Skills”.


This topic was (once again) discussed in this week’s Stream.  It’s been quite a while since the Devs discussed it in depth, so I’m relating the Devs’ words here.  (As always, anything in quotation marks is a word-for-word quote from a Dev).

Dom:  “Banning..  We did some banning over the weekend”.

Haig:  “I will talk about banning then.  Okay, here we go.  Here we go.  So.  There’s been lots of talk on Reddit, uh, chat on Discord, some YouTube videos.  People discussing the ‘RSS Glitch’, as they call it.  Um.  I will just re-emphasize:  WE DO NOT BAN PLAYERS FOR THE RSS GLITCH.  If someone has been Banned, it’s because they’ve done something ‘naughty’.  What we HAVE found, though, is that players who are utilizing the RSS Glitch, some of them are also hacking.  Hacking Gems, things like that.  So there you go.  That’s why people get bans”.  

Haig:  “If you are worried and you sort of like accidentally have the RSS Glitch happen to your device, do not worry.  If you’re REALLY concerned, do contact our Support and say look, this happened, and Support will not ban you for that.  So, um, worry less”.

Haig:  “It’s a fair point - it is kind of like an exploit in the game.  We are aware of it, and we’ve been working for a while to kind of address it and fix it.  Um, but yes - do not worry too much”.



MONDAY, 3 FEBRUARY:  A 48 hour long RELIC BASED Leaderboard Event.  The Devs went back and forth about whether to reveal what the main Relic prize would be, but in the end all they would say is that it was a “Charming” Relic.  (Note from SteelSpine:  If this hint was meant to mean it will be a “Charms” Relic, we have already seen the 4* Earth, Iron, Frost, Burnt and Poison Charms.  I think the only one left would be a Void version - but this is just speculation by me).

WEDNESDAY, 5 FEBRUARY:  A “PORTAL SURGE” Event (pretty sure this is the new “Discount on Portal Stones” Daily Event type).

THURSDAY, 6 FEBRUARY:  Weekly Leaderboard Event begins.  The Devs didn’t offer any new information regarding what we can expect, but in previous weeks they said it would be “a big time Event”.

MONDAY, 10 FEBRUARY:  A KINGDOM RUSH Event (discount on Neutral Lands).

TUESDAY, 11 FEBRUARY:  A TEMPLE TAKEOVER Event.  Haig said there would be “some returning, I would say great Titans” in the Temple.

THURSDAY, 13 FEBRUARY:  Weekly Leaderboard Event begins.  The Devs said they have some pretty cool Valentines Day related stuff lined up for this weekend, including a new Titan.  Haig mentioned that the Titan offered in this week’s Event will have a “new style Skill”, with “a cool new style Effect”.


TUESDAY, 18 FEBRUARY:  A THEATERS OF WAR Event.  This one will be Void Themed.



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Facebook:  Carven James



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RECAP DELAYED - January 29, 2020

Hey all,

I’m dealing with two family emergencies today, so the Recap will be posted later than normal.  I should have time to put it together late tonight, or tomorrow morning/early afternoon (Eastern USA Time) at the latest.

Sorry for the delay!


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LIVESTREAM RECAP - January 22, 2020 (Jinshu)

** SteelSpine’s LIVESTREAM RECAP for JANUARY 22, 2020 **



Haig (Live Ops Manager) and Dom (Game Artist) were our hosts for this week’s LiveStream.



This week’s Event will be called YEAR OF THE RAT.  It will begin on THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 and run until MONDAY, JANUARY 27.

This week’s Event features the debut of this year’s main Chinese New Year Titan, JINSHU.  JINSHU is a Poison Infiltrator.  He is very similar to BAST - but with more Titan Health, Damage, Melee Resist and less Titan Charge Damage, Speed, Armor, Ranged Resist (and Panther Skills / Poison Spells instead of Horde Skills / Rage Spells).  All of his Skills are “Fixed”.

(NOTE:  According to the Devs, Jinshu translates to “Metal Rat” in Chinese.  This is the Year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac, so it really is a fitting Titan.  TRIVIA NOTE:  A quick Google search shows that “Jinshu” is the Chinese word for Metal, and Shu is the Chinese word for Rat- so if Google is correct, this Titan should probably be called Jinshu Shu).

Slot 1:  +35% Base Damage, Health, Melee Resist.  4x Critical Damage
Slot 2:  +44% Titan Critical, +44% Panther Critical, +2 Poison Cloud Spells
Slot 3:  +180% Titan Damage, +180% Panther Damage
Slot 4:  +88% Titan Armor Piercing, +88% Panther Armor Piercing, +2 Poison Cloud Spells
Slot 5:  +40% Titan All Elemental Resist, +40% Panther All Elemental Resist, +117% Titan Health

(NOTE 1:  The Devs did NOT say whether or not the Skills in Slot 1 are applied to Titan And Army OR just the Titan.  They DID say that the 4x Critical was for Jinshu, so I *THINK* those Skills are only applied to Jinshu, not to his Troops - but I may be wrong.  In any case, I typed up Slot 1 exactly as it was shown on screen).

(NOTE 2:  With high-end Maxed Relics equipped (4* Tainted Blade, 4* Tainted Bow, 4* Elemental Grasp, 4* Toxic Tonic, 4* Red Envelope, 4* Jade Rat), the Level 60 JINSHU shown by the Devs during the LiveStream had 405,346 Health and 43,533 Damage).

(NOTE 3:  The Devs were asked how fast Jinshu runs.  They said they think his Speed has been tweaked to make him as quick as other Infiltrators, but they don’t think he is as fast as Loki.  His Speed stat was shown on-screen as 27; Loki’s is 23, plus a 20% boost, so he should be roughly as fast as Loki is.. but the Titan Speed stats tend to be a bit wonky in this game, so don’t take that as gospel).

New Relics available in this Event:  

+50% Titan Poison Damage
+30% Panthers Armor Piercing
+20% Panthers Critical

+48% Titan Health
+24% Titan & Army Resist Against Lightning
+18% Titan & Troops Resist Against Ranged

Top Rewards available in this Event will include:

7000 Souls:  4* Great Plague (Panthers Version)
7500: Event Token
8000:  4* Bitter Dirks
8500:  Medallion (Lunar Event Altar Token)
9000:  Epic Token
10k:  1000 Gems
11k:  4* Titan’s Soul (XP Relic)
12k:  Mitano (4* Poison Guardian Titan)
13k:  4* Orb Of Death
13.5k:  Medallion
14k:  Event Token
15k:  4* Jade Statue
16k:  100 Divine Gems
16.5k:  Medallion
17k:  4* Banner Of The Forest
18k:  JINSHU
19k:  1500 Gems
19.5k:  Medallion
20k:  4* JADE RAT
21k:  300 Divine Gems

(NOTE:  The Mitano at 12k Souls has the same Skills he has always had - he has not been Re-Skilled).
(See for full details on the above Relics).

1.3x Soul Bonus for using PIGSY or LUBU.
1.2x Soul Bonus for using 4* POISON TITANS.
1.1x Soul Bonus for using 3* POISON TITANS.

Top Alliance Ranking Rewards in this Event:

1st Place:  L40 Jinshu
2nd Place:  L30 Jinshu
3rd Place:  L25 Jinshu
Top 4-5:  L15 Jinshu
Top 6-10:  L10 Jinshu
11-50:  L5 Jinshu
51-100:  4* Titan’s Soul (XP Relic)
Below 100:  Not shown, but likely to be Gems as usual.



Question (Q) from a Player:  Is there an Event coming soon that we will be allowed to use all of our old Event Relics in?
Answer (A) from a Developer:  Yes.  We’re just trying to fit it in the schedule.

Q:  Can you increase the Relic Storage space again?  600 is still too little.
A:  Dom:  “I don’t think we can”.  Haig:  “We’ll look into it.  If everyone is, um, starting to shout about the Relic Storage again, um, if it becomes a big issue.  We’re sort of basing it on how many people are at sort-of “maximum” and using the Treasury Room and things like that”.

Q:  When will “Medallions” return?
A:  Not for a long time, if ever.  They only last until the end of the Lunar Festival.  You MUST spend your Medallions before the end or they WILL disappear.  The Altars will remain up for “a little bit” past the timer’s expiration on Monday.

Q:  The Armor granted from Lubu’s first Skill is broken.
A:  Haig:  We’ll look into that.  I think it’s an issue with the text.  (Note:  It sounds like the Skill is giving the proper amount, but the info shown on Lubu’s “card” is incorrect).

Q:  Shadowdancer is not a good Relic.  Can you change it?
A:  Haig:  “That’s a sore point, that one”.  We will write it down and look at it.  We don’t want to promise anything when it comes to changing 5* Relics.

Q:  When will Pigsy be back?
A:  Not for a long time.  He may appear in the Temple at some point, but right now he’s not scheduled to return until next Chinese New Year, probably.

Q:  When is Zeus coming back?
A:  “Fairly soon”.  Not as soon as next week, as Dom jokingly said, but fairly soon.

Q:  Are you working on any more balancing for the game?
A:  We’ll have a new balancing update for you fairly soon, actually.  (Note:  No info regarding which changes will be made to which Troops and/or Spells).

Q:  Please check Auria’s first Skill - it is not working.
A:  We’ll check it out.

Q:  Any new Buildings planned this year?
A:  I can’t say definitely no to that.  No comment.

Q:  Do you use Motion Capture for Titans?
A:  Yes, we do.  Dom has done some, some are friends and family, some are other people in the office, etc.



The Devs shared a short in-game video of the winning Design-A-Titan Contest entry, Baba Yaga, including her “Temple Entrance” animation.  Matt said he thinks Baba Yaga’s Event will take place sometime in mid-February, and it won’t be until after Version 1.37 is released.

VERSION 1.37:  The Devs mentioned some of what we can expect from DoT’s next update (v1.37).  This includes a fix for players who are having issues with multiple accounts, new Assault Event levels (and balancing), minor improvements to the “Quick Match” button, Stats and support for more new 5* Relics (which will be released “over time”, NOT when v1.37 rolls out), support for “a brand new style and set of Skills” (more info on this sometime in mid February), and a new style of Event.

The Devs mentioned that they have received “a lot of feedback” regarding the Top 51-100 Reward in recent Events.  They said there “will be a change in future Events”, but they haven’t decided exactly what Reward will go there.  (Note:  This is in response to 4* Titan XP Relics being offered as high end Ranking Rewards.  I have seen many Alliances purposely try to place lower in order to receive 4k Gems instead).

THANK YOU to everybody who took the time to write to me regarding the 5* Axes Of War (Berserker Relic).  Every single message I received confirmed the information I shared in last week’s Recap:  the “+65% All Troop Damage” in Slot 1 is giving +65% “Elemental” Damage to Troops (Ice Damage for Imperials, Poison for Panthers, etc), NOT the +65% “Base” Damage that it should be granting.  Since Base Damage is calculated differently than regular Elemental Damage, this means that the new 5* Berserker Relic is giving less of a boost than it should be granting.  I asked about this during the LiveStream, but the Devs did not answer my question.  I’m not sure if me contacting the Devs alone will make much of a difference, but I will relay the info to them via in-game Support and hopefully they will correct the mistake.



MONDAY, 27 JANUARY:  A TITANS UNLEASHED Event begins.  (Also known as a TITAN FUSION Event).  It will focus on Infiltrators, but remember: ALL TITANS and ALL CLASSES receive a boost to Same-Class Fusion during a Fusion Event.

TUESDAY, 28 JANUARY:  A Norse-themed Relic Festival (Temple Altar Event).

THURSDAY, 30 JANUARY:  A Norse Titan Takeover (Temple Altar Event).

FRIDAY, 31 JANUARY:  A CONQUEST Event begins.  It will feature a new Lightning Titan.

MONDAY, 3 FEBRUARY:  A 48 hour long Relic-based Leaderboard Event.

THURSDAY, 6 FEBRUARY:  Another Leaderboard Event begins.  The Devs didn’t offer much information regarding what we can expect, but they did say it would be “a big time Event”.  They also said that it would be “a cool Event”, and that a few Players had incorrectly guessed that this particular Titan would be in a previous Event - but it “wasn’t a common guess”.

MONDAY, 10 FEBRUARY:  A Kingdom Rush Event (discount on Neutral Lands).

TUESDAY, 11 FEBRUARY:  A Temple Takeover Event.  Haig said this would “kind of lead us into a Valentine’s period” in the game.  The Devs also teased that they have “something special” planned for Valentine’s Day this year, including (hopefully) a Free Gift bundle for Players.



YouTube:  Monster
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Please DM the Devs on DoT’s Facebook page to claim your prize.  Congrats!


Check out the official Dawn of Titans subreddit at 

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You can reach me in-game under the name SteelSpine (I am the Level 43 one, as of January).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or suggestions!  (NOTE:  It takes me a while to reply nowadays - sorry in advance for the delay).

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RECAP - September 28, 2020 (Zabava)

  ** SteelSpine’s RECAP for SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 ** XXXXX XXXXX Hey, all!    I’m sorry for my long absence...