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RECAP - July 28, 2020 (Nergal)

** SteelSpine’s RECAP for JULY 28, 2020 **



There was no LiveStream again this week due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.  Our last LiveStream with the Devs was on February 27th.


Thank you ALL for the well wishes after the death of my father in law last week.  It really means a lot to both me and my grieving wife.  You all are awesome.  The funeral was 400 miles away, and we just got home early this morning (Tuesday) - so I haven’t had a chance to reply to any messages yet (to be honest I haven’t even opened the game since last week), but I will do so later this week.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  :-)




This week’s Event will be called DEATH & DECAY.  It will begin on THURSDAY, JULY 30 and run until MONDAY, AUGUST 3.

Titan Details:

This week’s Event features the debut of NERGAL, the Poison Infiltrator.  NERGAL has the ability to summon Omega Panthers to the battlefield.  He also has Skills that significantly increase your Panther & Titan Armor Piercing and the Damage of your Titan, Panthers & Poison Spells - especially on offense (Attack).

Slot 1:  On Enemy Troop Death, +25% Titan, Troop & Spell Poison Damage (Max 10).  +180% Panther Health.  +117% Titan Health.  +5 Summon Omega Panther Spells.
Slot 2:  +44% Titan Critical.  +200% Titan Poison Damage (2x on Attack).  +300% Panther Poison Damage (2x on Attack).
Slot 3:  On Titan Critical, 75% chance to increase Panther Critical 15% (Max 6).  +30% Panther Melee Resist.  +150% Panther Armor.
Slot 4:  +30% Titan All Elemental Resist.  +200% Titan Armor Piercing (2x on Attack).  +150% Panther Armor Piercing (2x on Attack).
Slot 5:  On Allied Panther Death, cast DEATH & DECAY (Max 5) (SEE NOTE1 BELOW).  +30% Panther Ranged Resist.  +40% Titan Melee Resist.

Prestige Skill (at Level 10):  +120% Base Titan Damage.  Every 30% Titan Health lost, Nergal Summons a “WARRIOR SPIRIT” (See NOTE2 below).

NOTE1:   DEATH & DECAY is a modified version of the Poison Cloud Spell, which automatically casts after one of your own Panther Troops are killed on the battlefield and has +400% Damage, +50% Spell Radius (area of effect) and +50% Duration compared to a regular Poison Cloud Spell.  When triggered, “Death & Decay” will be cast at the location on the battlefield where your Panther unit was killed.

NOTE2:  Each WARRIOR SPIRIT is an incarnation of Nergal himself, but with 50% Health and Damage of Nergal’s base stats at Level 60.  At each reduction of Nergal’s total Health by 30% (i.e. when 70%, 40% and 10% Health remain), a WARRIOR SPIRIT will be Summoned into battle on a random Enemy Troop location.  These Spirits act as a Poison Elemental Titan that can be controlled in battle.  Any Relic or Skill effects that boost Poison Titan stats will also boost the WARRIOR SPIRITs.

NERGAL will be available for 21k Souls.

New Relics available in this Event:  

+50% Titan Poison Damage
+80% Omega Panther Poison Damage
+65% Poison Cloud Damage

+50% Titan & Troop Poison Damage
+50% Poison Cloud Duration
+24% Panther Ranged Resist

Top Rewards available in this Event will include:

7000 Souls:  4* Tainted Blade
7500:  1000 Gems
8000:  4* Dory
9000:  Event (Boost Relic) Token
10k:  150 Divine Gems
11k:  4* Titan’s Soul (XP Relic)
12k:  OAKENTAUR (4* Poison Infiltrator Titan)
13k:  4* Banner of the Forest
14k:  Epic Token
15k:  4* Ornate Uraeus
16k:  200 Divine Gems
17k:  4* Panther Muzzle
18k:  1400 Gems
19k:  4* Titan’s Soul (XP Relic)
20k:  4* Forest Carving
21k:  NERGAL
22k:  4* NERGAL’S MACE
24k:  300 Divine Gems
25k:  4* Staff of Poison

(See dotdatabase.net for full details on the above Relics).

1.4x Soul Bonus for using NERGAL, JINSHU or KORUPTAUR.
1.2x Soul Bonus for using 4* INFILTRATOR TITANS.
1.1x Soul Bonus for using 3* INFILTRATOR TITANS.

The Boost Relic for this week’s Event is the SUN SCROLL.

It will be an ALLIANCE LEADERBOARD EVENT (also known as an Alliance War Event); prizes will be awarded to all Players in an Alliance according to their Alliance Ranking at the end of the Event.

Top Ranking Rewards in this Event:

1st Place:  Level 40 Nergal
2nd Place:  L30 Nergal
3rd Place:  L20 Nergal
Top 4-5:  L15 Nergal
Top 6-10:  L10 Nergal
11-50:  L5 Nergal
51-100:  L5 Oakentaur
101-250:  4000 Gems
251-500:  3000 Gems
501-750:  2000 Gems
751-1000:  1600 Gems
1001-2000:  600 Gems
2001-10000:  200 Gems



The Devs posted the following message this week regarding Cheating and Hacking in DoT (NOTE from SteelSpine:  I have been out of the loop for the past week, so I am not sure if this is in response to a particular Event or if the Devs are finally acknowledging how widespread and pervasive cheating & hacking has become in this game):

We read, watch and listen to all your feedback about cheating in Dawn Of Titans. We understand that keeping the game fair requires continual improvement of our processes. The current setup is a four-pronged approach of automated banning, anomaly detection, manual checks, and reports to Customer Support from players.

Whenever a new hack or exploit is identified, we often eliminate the vector through code changes. If that approach is not possible, heuristics and scripts are written and run hourly to identify players using it. During events, a lot of additional manual account checks are performed by several team members, on top of the always-on automated detection and banning. Whilst these processes catch the vast majority of cheaters, new methods can evade detection in the short-term.

Over the coming weeks, we will scrutinise player data for key resources and indicators to further improve our processes. This review will include (but is not limited to): Gems, Divine Gems, 5* Relics, Divine Titans, Titan Prestige, Boost Relics, VP, reward collection, tokens and timers.

The Dawn Of Titans team has a zero-tolerance approach to cheaters and we appreciate the time and effort spent by the community and content creators to highlight these issues. As a reminder, bans for cheating and hacking in Dawn of Titans are permanent, and accounts will not be restored for players who have been identified as such.



MONDAY, 3 AUGUST:  A TITANS UNLEASHED Event (also known as a TITAN FUSION EVENT).  This one will feature INFILTRATORS in the Temple, but as always ALL same-class to same-class Fusion will result in the same XP bonus.

MONDAY, 3 AUGUST until THURSDAY, 6 AUGUST:  A CONQUEST Event will take place.  It will feature the return of HADES, the Omega Grenadier-Summoning Fire Champion.  Top Relic Rewards in this Event will include the 4* Burnt Charms, 4* Cloak of Hades, 4* Hades Chariot, 4* Fire Pit and 4* Volcanic Rock.  Individual Leaderboard Rewards will include L1-L50 Hades for R500-R1, L5-L15 Urakor for R10000-R501, and 100-1000 Gems for R10001 & below.

THURSDAY, AUGUST:  Another Leaderboard Event begins.  This one will feature the return of LU BU, the Lightning Storm-boosting Lightning Champion.  (Note:  The Devs did not mention whether or not Lu Bu will be Reskilled for this Event, so as of right now it looks like he will retain his 2019 Skills).


Check out the official Dawn of Titans subreddit at http://reddit.com/r/dawnoftitans/ 

Stop by DoT’s largest Discord Server at https://discord.gg/6WTzzaW 

The Event Calculators at https://dotcalculators.com/Event are quite helpful - ESPECIALLY for “FTP” (Free To Play) Players.


If I made any mistakes or left out anything important, please let me know and I will issue a correction in next week’s Recap (and give you a shoutout for the help).  

The easiest way to contact me is by finding me in the game.  You can reach me in-game under the name SteelSpine (I am the Level 45 one, as of July).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or suggestions!  (NOTE:  I haven’t been playing much lately, so it may take me a while to reply.  Sorry in advance!)

YOU CAN FIND FUTURE (and PAST) EDITIONS OF MY RECAPS ON MY BLOG at  steelspinesdot.blogspot.com   Copy and share them with whoever you think would like to read them - but please remember to give credit.

Thanks for reading!  :-)




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