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RECAP - July 8, 2020 (Sekhmet)

** SteelSpine’s RECAP for JULY 8, 2020 **



Sorry for the delay, all!  I didn’t realize that the Official Blog had been updated a day early.  My apologies.  :-) -Steel

There was no LiveStream again this week due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.  Our last LiveStream - and last Q&A session - with the Devs was on February 27th.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Devs are FINALLY starting to take Questions for a “Bi-Weekly Developer Q&A”.  While this won’t be NEARLY as good - or as effective - as being able to ask the Devs questions in “real time” each week when an Event is revealed, it’s better than what we’ve had for the past five months (which is no contact with or from the Dev Team AT ALL).  It remains to be seen how effective these Question & Answer sessions will be - but crumbs are a feast to a starving man, so it is what it is.

If you’d like to submit a Question for the Devs, please fill out the form at (and remember not to include any sensitive info, like your email address, name, player ID or password).

(Note from SteelSpine:  Hopefully this is a TEMPORARY MEASURE, and we will get back to having real LiveStreams soon - but since they plan on doing these Q&As every two weeks, I’m not very optimistic about the Stream returning any time soon.  Please prove me wrong, Devs.  Half a year of being ignored by the Developers is six months too long - and a pre-rehearsed Q&A session that’s filtered ten times to make sure nothing interesting or controversial is included just isn’t enough for a game as expensive and time-consuming as DoT).



This week’s Event will be called INVOKE: THE UNDYING.  It will begin on THURSDAY, JULY 9 and run until MONDAY, JULY 13.

Titan Details:

This week’s Event features the debut of SEKHMET, the Void Berserker.  SEKHMET has Skills that boost the effectiveness of Horde Troops and Raise Dead Skeletons.  She also has unique Skills that allow her to reanimate dead Troops on the battlefield (both Allied Troops and Enemy Troops), turning them into Raise Dead Skeletons.  In addition, SEKHMET’s Prestige Skill grants Base Horde Damage and automatically heals the weakest Raise Dead Skeletons in your army.

Slot 1:  On Allied Troop death, reanimate corpse as Raise Dead Skeleton (Max 6).  +180% Titan Void Damage.  +234% Raise Dead Skeleton Health.
Slot 2:  +30% Horde Melee Resist.  +360% Raise Dead Skeleton Damage (2x on Defense).  +176% Raise Dead Skeleton Armor (2x on Defense).
Slot 3:  On Enemy Troop death, 75% chance to reanimate corpse as Raise Dead Skeleton (Max 8).  +25% Raise Dead Skeleton Ranged Resist.  +360% Horde Void Damage.
Slot 4:  +234% Horde Health.  +176% Raise Dead Skeleton Damage & Armor Piercing (2x on Defense).  +25% Raise Dead Skeleton Melee Resist (2x on Defense).
Slot 5:  On Raise Dead Skeleton spawn, grant 30% Raise Dead Skeleton Damage, Armor & Armor Piercing (Max 10).  +30% Titan & Horde Ranged Resist.  +71% Horde Critical.

Prestige Skill (at Level 10):  +80% Base Horde Damage.  Every 15 seconds, Sekhmet heals the 7 weakest Raise Dead Skeleton Troops by 20% of their Max Health.

SEKHMET will be available for 21k Souls.

New Relics available in this Event:  

+24% Raise Dead Skeleton Resist All Elements
+18% Horde Ranged Resist
+32% Raise Dead Skeleton Critical

+24% Raise Dead Skeleton Resist Melee
+48% Raise Dead Skeleton Armor
+50% Horde Void Damage

+4 Raise Dead Spells
+30% Raise Dead Skeleton Base Health
+30% Raise Dead Skeleton Base Damage

Top Rewards available in this Event will include:

7000 Souls:  4* Golden Scales
7500:  1000 Gems
8000:  4* Void Rune
9000:  Event (Boost Relic) Token
10k:  4* Titan’s Soul (Titan XP Relic)
11k:  Epic Token
12k:  100 Divine Gems
13k:  1200 Gems
14k:  EGYPTIAN TOKEN (See *NOTE Below)
15k:  4* Vasilisa’s Flame
16k:  150 Divine Gems
17k:  4* Titan’s Soul (Titan XP Relic)
18k:  1400 Gems
19k:  4* Corrupted Skull
20k:  4* Dark Charms
24k:  300 Divine Gems

(See for full details on the above Relics).

*NOTE:  The EGYPTIAN TOKEN can be redeemed in the Temple until the end of this Event.  Each individual Token can be used once to claim your choice of one of the following Titans:

WADJET (4* Void Guardian.  Boosts Poison Cloud Spells, Panthers and Horde.  Grants 3 free Poison Cloud Spells)

RA (4* Fire Guardian.  Boosts Meteor Strike Spells, Grenadiers and Horde.  Grants 3 free Meteor Strike Spells)

ASET (4* Void Ranger.  Boosts Horde and Storm Maidens.  Grants 2 free Rage Spells and 4 free Raise Dead Spells).

These Tokens WILL NOT carry over into future Events, so please make sure you use them while the Event is live!

1.4x Soul Bonus for using OSIRIS or SEKHMET.
1.2x Soul Bonus for using 4* or 3* VOID TITANS.

The Boost Relic for this week’s Event is the TORN PAPYRUS.

It will be an ALLIANCE LEADERBOARD EVENT (also known as an Alliance War Event); prizes will be awarded to all Players in an Alliance according to their Alliance Ranking at the end of the Event.

Top Ranking Rewards in this Event:

1st Place:  Level 40 Sekhmet
2nd Place:  L30 Sekhmet
3rd Place:  L20 Sekhmet
Top 4-5:  L10 Sekhmet
Top 6-10:  L5 Sekhmet
11-50:  L1 Sekhmet
51-100:  Egyptian Token (See *NOTE Above)
101-250:  4000 Gems
251-500:  3000 Gems
501-750:  2000 Gems
751-1000:  1600 Gems
1001-2000:  600 Gems
2001-10000:  200 Gems



MONDAY, 13 JULY:  A TITANS UNLEASHED Event (also known as a TITAN FUSION EVENT).  This one will feature Berserkers in the Temple, but as always ALL same-class to same-class Fusion will result in the same XP bonus.

TUESDAY, 14 JULY until THURSDAY, 16 JULY:  A THEATERS OF WAR Event.  It will be called “RANGERS”.  Players can choose to turn in their saved Relics of War for ARTEMIS (40 Relic of War Tokens, at the Titan Gold Altar), ETALUS (30 Relic of War Tokens, at the Titan Silver Altar), or JORAN (3* Titan, 15 Relic of War Tokens, at the Titan Bronze Altar).  (NOTE from SteelSpine: Players can also choose to continue saving up their Relic of War Tokens.  Relics of War carry over between Theaters of War Events, so you don’t need to spend them this week if you don’t like the Titans being offered - if you don’t spend them they will reappear in the Temple during the next Theaters of War).

THURSDAY, 16 JULY:  Another Leaderboard Event begins.  This one will feature the return of FIRESTRYKE.  (NOTE:  FIRESTRYKE will be Reskilled for this Event).

MONDAY, 20 JULY:  A TROOPCRAFT Event (discount on Troop training and Troop Leveling).

TUESDAY, 21 JULY until THURSDAY, 23 JULY:  A RAID BOSS Event will take place.  This one will be called “THE HUNT”.  No further details are available.  (Note from SteelSpine:  This is ONLY SPECULATION on my part, but “The Hunt” sounds like a name that has typically been given to Events that feature Panthers and/or Poison Titans.  For example:  The first Artemis Event - way back on September 27 of 2018 - was called “Goddess of The Hunt”...  and while I highly doubt this Event will include Artemis since she was just offered in April, I would be quite surprised if this Raid Boss Event didn’t feature battles against a modified version of a Poison Titan.  It is possible that the “Boss” in this Event could just be a Ranger from a different Element, though, since that would also fit the “Hunt” theme).

THURSDAY, 23 JULY:  Another Leaderboard Event begins.  No details were given on the Official DoT Blog.



In last week’s Recap, I mistakenly said that there were “no  further details” for the Theaters of War Event on 14 July.  The Devs DID mention at the very end of last week’s Official Blog post that the Theaters of War Event would feature Artemis, and that you will be able to purchase Artemis (4* Poison Ranger) for 40 Relics of War Tokens, Etalus (4* Ice Ranger) for 30 Relics of War and Joran (3* Earth Ranger) for 15 Relics of War.  They also mentioned that FLAME CANDLES (which will be the Boost Relic for the Reskilled Firestryke Event on July 16) will be available as possible Battle Drops from the Arenas.  

I’m not sure how I managed to overlook that information - but THANK YOU to “Pretinha .Tr” for pointing out my error.  Sorry for the confusion, all!  :-)


Check out the official Dawn of Titans subreddit at 

Stop by DoT’s largest Discord Server at 

The Event Calculators at are quite helpful - ESPECIALLY for “FTP” (Free To Play) Players.


If I made any mistakes or left out anything important, please let me know and I will issue a correction in next week’s Recap (and give you a shoutout for the help).  

The easiest way to contact me is by finding me in the game.  You can reach me in-game under the name SteelSpine (I am the Level 45 one, as of July).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or suggestions!  (NOTE:  I haven’t been playing much lately, so it may take me a while to reply.  Sorry in advance!)

YOU CAN FIND FUTURE (and PAST) EDITIONS OF MY RECAPS ON MY BLOG at   Copy and share them with whoever you think would like to read them - but please remember to give credit.

Thanks for reading!  :-)



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