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RECAP - April 15, 2020 (Uranus)

** SteelSpine’s RECAP for APRIL 15, 2020 **



There was no LiveStream again this week due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.  Our last LiveStream from the Devs was on February 27th.

NOTE from SteelSpine:  The Players still have NO mechanism for asking questions or for having their questions answered (other than through the in-game Support, which is lacking - or through the Facebook/Twitter pages, who only respond with “copy/paste” stock answers).  In a complicated game like this, we NEED access to those who write the game on a regular basis - or else our thoughts go unheard.  Please figure it out, Devs.

ALSO:  Just want to say “thank you” to whoever is writing the “Official DoT Blog”.  It seems like every week you guys copy another one of my ideas and use it in your Blog posts - this week it was the addition of Skill percentages (like “+88% Armor Piercing” instead of just saying “Armor Piercing X”).  This makes it much easier for me to type up, and makes the information much more accessible for Players who don’t read the Recap.  So whoever is writing those blog posts - nice job.  Now please ask the Devs to do a weekly Q+A!  :-)



This week’s Event will begin on THURSDAY, APRIL 16 and run until MONDAY, APRIL 20.

Titan Details:

This week’s Event features the debut of URANUS, the “Primordial Greek Deity of the Sky”.  URANUS comes equipped with Militia Defensive Skills, Archer Offensive Skills AND “Human Troop” Skills (which boost Militia, Archers and Spearmen).  He also has the ability to Summon three Omega Militia and three Omega Archers.  
(NOTE:  Experienced players will see similarities between URANUS and the 4* RUNA, who was introduced on December 12, 2019.  They have similar skill sets - the main differences being that in place of the 4* Runa’s All Elemental Resist and Human Troop Health, Uranus has Human Troop Armor Piercing & Critical and four X Skills).
(ALSO:  The Devs did NOT mention in their Blog Post which Class Uranus will be - but it is quite possible that he will be a Berserker, since this Monday’s upcoming Fusion Event will feature Berserkers in the Temple).

Slot 1:  +44% Titan Critical, Armor Piercing and Base Damage.  +360% Human Troop Damage
Slot 2:  +3 Summon Omega Militia Spells.  +234% Militia Health
Slot 3:  +225% Archers Damage.  +180% Human Troop Armor Piercing
Slot 4:  +3 Summon Omega Archers Spells.  +110% Archers Armor Piercing
Slot 5:  +176% Militia Armor.  +44% Human Troop Critical

URANUS will be available for 21k Souls.

New Relics available in this Event:  

+70% Omega Militia Armor
+40% Militia Void Resist
+15% Militia Melee and Ranged Resist

+60% Omega Archers Armor Piercing
+20% Archers Critical
+40% Human Troop Damage

Top Rewards available in this Event will include:

7000 Souls:  4* Laurel Wreath
7500:  Event (Boost Relic) Token
8000:  4* Kopis
9000:  100 Divine Gems
10k:  Epic Token
11k:  4* Titan XP Relic
12k:  VALORN (4* Physical Guardian Titan)
13k:  200 Divine Gems
14k:  4* Dionysus’ Amphora
15k:  Event (Boost Relic) Token
16k:  4* Split Arrow
17k:  1250 Gems
18k:  4* Chains of Cerberus
19k:  300 Divine Gems
20k:  4* Runa’s Pauldrons
21k:  URANUS
22k:  1500 Gems
24k:  550 Divine Gems

(See for full details on the above Relics).

1.4x Soul Bonus for using LITHOTAUR, YALLUTH, MAMESH or WUKONG.
1.2x Soul Bonus for using 4* Fire Titans or 4* Earth Titans.

The Boost Relic for this week’s Event is the SCARLET CANDLE.

It will be an ALLIANCE LEADERBOARD EVENT (also known as an Alliance War Event); prizes will be awarded to all Players in an Alliance according to their Alliance Ranking at the end of the Event.

Top Ranking Rewards in this Event:

1st Place:  Level 40 URANUS
2nd Place:  L30 URANUS
3rd Place:  L25 URANUS
Top 4-5:  L15 URANUS
Top 6-10:  L10 URANUS
11-50:  L5 URANUS
51-100:  L1 URANUS
101-250:  4000 Gems

Other Ranking Rewards (Gems) will be available below 250th Place.



“New Divine Titans will be available from the Divine Shrine starting tomorrow, 16th April – more powerful than ever before, these ancient Titans utilise long-forgotten natural magicks, combining the power of POISON with other elements to create new INVOKE skills”.

With these new INVOKER Titans comes changes to the Divine Shrine Altars (these Altars will replace the current DIVINE TITANS and EVENT TITANS Altars within the Divine Shrine):

NECROSA – 15,000 DGs
Contains ONLY 4* Necrosa Titan
Drop Rates:

LIFESPARK – 15,000 DGs
Contains ONLY 4* Lifespark Titan
Drop Rates:

Contains 4* Japanese Divine Titans and 4* Divine Invokers
Drop Rates: 
4-STAR (Oni OR Huntress): 70%
4-STAR (Necrosa OR Lifespark): 30%

Contains powerful 4* Titans and 4* Japanese Divine Titans
Drop Rates:
4-STAR (Anubis, Aset, Astaroth, Athena, Bast, Calvarax, Cerberus, Dionysus, Eros, Frostaur, Hades, Jinshu, Jotunn, Koruptaur, Krampus, Kronos, Lithotaur, Lubu, Magmataur, Minotaur, Oakentaur, Osiris, Pigsy, Poseidon, Progenitor, Ra, Reaver, Sobek, Stormtaur, Wadjet, Wukong, OR Zeus): 70%
4-STAR (Oni OR Huntress): 30%


The Devs are still asking for feedback regarding the recent “RAID BOSS BETA EVENT” - so if you haven’t done so, please take a moment to comment on their Facebook page.  Let them know what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you’d like to see included (or removed) in the future.



20-27 APRIL:  PORTAL SURGE Event (discount on purchasing Portal Stones).

MONDAY, 20 APRIL to TUESDAY, 21 APRIL:  A TITANS UNLEASHED Event begins (also known as a TITAN FUSION Event).  This one will feature Berserkers in the Temple - but remember, during Titans Unleashed ALL TITANS get the same XP Bonus from Same-Class-to-Same-Class Fusion.

MONDAY, 20 APRIL to THURSDAY, 23 APRIL:  An early week CONQUEST Event, featuring the return of ARTEMIS, the Poison Ranger.  (NOTE:  Artemis WILL NOT BE RESKILLED for this Event; she will have her original Skills.  ARTEMIS was the second Omega Summoner to be released overall, and was the first Titan to Summon Omega Panthers).  Also available in this Event will be a total of 900 Divine Gems, along with the 4* Toxic Charms, 4* Toxic Tonic and 4* Endless Quiver.  It will be an Individual Leaderboard Event, with the Top 500 Players receiving an Artemis and the Players ranked 501-10,000 receiving a Tansa (4* Poison Paladin Titan).

(**CORRECTION:  I originally said the Artemis Conquest Event would have 750 Divine Gems - I must have miscounted.  There will be 900 DGs up for grabs in this Event.  A big THANK YOU to [ONE]Willow for pointing out the mistake so quickly!**)

THURSDAY, 23 APRIL:  Another Alliance Leaderboard Event begins.  This one is called “KRONOS”, and (presumably) will feature his return.  No word regarding whether or not he will be Reskilled or have his original Skills.

27 APRIL to 4 MAY:  TROOPCRAFT Event (discount on Troops and Troop Upgrades).

MONDAY, 27 APRIL:  A “Greek Themed” Relic Festival.  (This will presumably be a a Temple Altar Event).

TUESDAY, 28 APRIL to THURSDAY, 30 APRIL:  A “Fire Themed” Theaters of War Event.

THURSDAY, 30 APRIL:  Another Leaderboard Event begins.  (NOTE: We have no other information as of right now, but it is safe to assume that it will probably include a Fire Titan - since Theaters of War Events usually have the same theme as that week’s Event).


Check out the official Dawn of Titans subreddit at 

Stop by DoT’s largest Discord Server at 

The Event Calculators at are quite helpful - ESPECIALLY for “FTP” (Free To Play) Players.


If I made any mistakes or left out anything important, please let me know and I will issue a correction in next week’s Recap (and give you a shoutout for the help).  

The easiest way to contact me is by finding me in the game.  You can reach me in-game under the name SteelSpine (I am the Level 44 one, as of April).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or suggestions!  (NOTE:  I haven’t been playing much lately, so it may take me a while to reply.  Sorry in advance!)

YOU CAN FIND FUTURE (and PAST) EDITIONS OF MY RECAPS ON MY BLOG at   Copy and share them with whoever you think would like to read them - but please remember to give credit.

Stay safe and stay healthy, everybody!

And thanks for reading.  :-)




  1. Honestly I use you to find out everything I need to know about dot I check once a week so thank you very much for what you do and I hope you are getting paid bc you are contributing massively.

  2. Particularmente, você faz um belo trabalho, também espero que seja reconhecido por isso, você ajuda muitos jogadores com os seus resumos.


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