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RECAP - June 16, 2020 (Hachiman)

** SteelSpine’s RECAP for JUNE 16, 2020 **



There was no LiveStream again this week due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.  Our last LiveStream - and last Q&A session - with the Devs was on February 27th.



This week’s Event will be called “Kami of the Divine Wind”.  It will begin on THURSDAY, JUNE 18 and run until MONDAY, JUNE 22.

Titan Details:

This week’s Event features the debut of HACHIMAN, the Earth Ranger.  HACHIMAN’s Skills increase the effectiveness of Goliaths, Archers and Shield Spells.  (Note:  The Official DoT Blog does not mention or list him as an “Invoker” Titan, but I’m pretty sure three of his Skills are “Invoke” Skills - they follow the same pattern as other Invoke Titans).

Slot 1:  On Enemy Unit death, summon Omega Goliath (Max 5).  +117% Goliath Health.  +40% Base Archer Damage.
Slot 2:  +30% Goliath Resist All Elements.  +30% Goliath Melee Resist (2x on Defense).  +225% Archer Damage (2x on Defense).
Slot 3:  On Enemy Spell Cast, increase All Troop All Elemental Resist by +15% (Max 5).  +30% Goliath Ranged Resist.  +4 Shield Spells.
Slot 4:  +70% Archer Critical.  +88% Goliath Armor (2x on Defense).  +110% Archer Armor Piercing (2x on Defense).
Slot 5:  Every 20 seconds, Hachiman casts “DIVINE PROTECTOR”, protecting the 4 weakest Allies (SEE NOTE BELOW).  +117% Goliath Health.  +180% Titan, Troop Earth Damage.  +300% Shield (Spell) Absorption.

Prestige Skill (at Level 10):  +70% Base Goliath Health.  On Allied Goliath death, +60% chance to call 1 Archer (Max 7).

(NOTE:  “DIVINE PROTECTOR” casts a Shield Spell on the four units currently alive in your Army with the lowest current Health remaining).

(ALSO:  I am pretty sure that Hachiman’s Prestige Skill grants you one extra REGULAR Archer Unit, NOT an Omega Archer.  But that’s just based on the fact that it says “Archer” instead of “Omega Archer”, so I MAY be wrong).

Hachiman will be available for 21k Souls.

New Relics available in this Event:  

+50% Titan & Troop Earth Damage
+30% Archer Armor Piercing
+30% Goliath Armor & Armor Piercing

+30% Titan Armor Piercing
+50% Archer Damage
+15% Goliath Resist Melee & Ranged

+3 Shield Spells
+50% Shield Duration
+60% Shield Damage Absorption

(NOTE from SteelSpine:  The 4* Staff of Earth Relic was not listed on the Official DoT Blog as a “New Relic”.  However, I am VERY sure that this Relic has ONLY been available in a few Temple Altar Events in the past; it was never available as a Reward in a Leaderboard Event).

Top Rewards available in this Event will include:

7000 Souls:  4* Mountain Fist
7500:  1000 Gems
8000:  4* Earth Rune
9000:  Event (Boost Relic) Token
10k:  125 Divine Gems
11k:  4* Titan’s Soul (Titan XP Relic)
12k:  URKON (4* Earth Guardian Titan)
13k:  4* Cursed Axe
14k:  Epic Token
15k:  4* Steadfast Sling
16k:  225 Divine Gems
17k:  4* Stone Fist
18k:  1400 Gems
19k:  4* Titan’s Soul (Titan XP Relic)
20k:  4* Buried Potion
24k:  350 Divine Gems

(See dotdatabase.net for full details on the above Relics).

1.4x Soul Bonus for using ONI or HACHIMAN.
1.2x Soul Bonus for using 4* EARTH RANGER Titans.
1.1x Soul Bonus for using 3* EARTH Titans.

The Boost Relic for this week’s Event is the ANCIENT STATUE.

It will be an ALLIANCE LEADERBOARD EVENT (also known as an Alliance War Event); prizes will be awarded to all Players in an Alliance according to their Alliance Ranking at the end of the Event.

Top Ranking Rewards in this Event:

1st Place:  Level 30 Hachiman
2nd Place:  L20 Hachiman
3rd Place:  L20 Hachiman
Top 4-5:  L15 Hachiman
Top 6-10:  L10 Hachiman
11-50:  Level 5 Hachiman
51-100:  Level 5 Urkon
101-250:  4000 Gems
251-500:  3000 Gems
501-750:  2000 Gems
751-1000:  1600 Gems
1001-2000:  600 Gems
2001-10000:  200 Gems


TITAN PRESTIGE is now available to all players on Version 1.38 who have a Level 60 4* Titan, a Level 20 Castle and a Level 15 Hall of Titans, so if you have not yet downloaded the latest version of DoT make sure you update as soon as possible.  (NOTE:  Full details regarding Titan Prestige can be found on my Recap Blog, for those who are interested).



MONDAY, 22 JUNE until TUESDAY, 23 JUNE:  A TITANS UNLEASHED Event (also known as a TITAN FUSION EVENT).  This one will feature Rangers in the Temple, but as always ALL same-class to same-class Fusion will result in the same XP bonus.

MONDAY, 22 JUNE until WEDNESDAY, 24 JUNE:  A THEATERS OF WAR Event will take place.  It will be Earth-themed, and possible drop rewards from Arena Battles will include Flame Candle Event Boost Relics for June 25th’s “Tusk & Hide” Event.  Players will also have an opportunity to turn in their saved up Echos Of War Tokens for a 4* Lithotaur (40 Echos), a 4* Stonescar (30 Echos) or a 3* Joran (15 Echos).

THURSDAY, 25 JUNE:  Another Leaderboard Event begins.  This one is called “TUSK & HIDE”.  (NOTE from SteelSpine:  No further information was given on the Official Blog, but we can assume from the name that this Event will probably feature Boar Titans, Minotaur Titans or a mix of both).

MONDAY, 29 JUNE until TUESDAY, 30 JUNE:  A SPELLCRAFT Event (discount on Spells and Spell Upgrades).

MONDAY, 29 JUNE until THURSDAY, 2 JULY:  A CONQUEST Event featuring the return of POSEIDON will take place.  (Note:  No information was given regarding whether or not Poseidon will be Re-skilled for this Event, but the past few Events that featured returning Greek Gods did NOT have their Skills changed).

THURSDAY, JULY 2:  Another Leaderboard Event begins.  This one will be called “Resurrection”.  (Note from SteelSpine:  No further details were given, but the name of this Event suggests that it MAY POSSIBLY feature Reskilled Titans.  This is only speculation on my part, though).


Check out the official Dawn of Titans subreddit at http://reddit.com/r/dawnoftitans/ 

Stop by DoT’s largest Discord Server at https://discord.gg/6WTzzaW 

The Event Calculators at https://dotcalculators.com/Event are quite helpful - ESPECIALLY for “FTP” (Free To Play) Players.


If I made any mistakes or left out anything important, please let me know and I will issue a correction in next week’s Recap (and give you a shoutout for the help).  

The easiest way to contact me is by finding me in the game.  You can reach me in-game under the name SteelSpine (I am the Level 45 one, as of June).  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or suggestions!  (NOTE:  I haven’t been playing much lately, so it may take me a while to reply.  Sorry in advance!)

YOU CAN FIND FUTURE (and PAST) EDITIONS OF MY RECAPS ON MY BLOG at  steelspinesdot.blogspot.com   Copy and share them with whoever you think would like to read them - but please remember to give credit.

Much love to all of you - especially those fighting racism and injustice, no matter where you may be.  Stand tall and stay strong.

Thanks for reading.



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